Burg Finstergruen is a 12th century “stronghold” first mentioned in 1138 and the name translates to mean “dark trench.” In 1841 the castle was destroyed in a forest fire and was rebuilt in 1899.  By the 1950s it became a Protestant youth group summer camp and was finally purchased in 1972 by a youth group.  

The owners are very open minded and VERY excited to receive us… giving us full freedom to be ourselves and celebrate our Sabretooth traditions, culture and community. 


Castle Map


Below you will find a map of the castle. The map actually shows the floorplan of the first floor, which is the most extended floor of all. Although the rooms for the Main Tract and Tower are all on higher floors, this map will give you a general idea where they can be found.

Please note that although toilets can be found at many places throughout the whole castle, showers and washing rooms are to be found at only one places. The main shower and washing rooms have their entrances on the ground floor at the large courtyard, with the Ladies being located on the ground floor and the Gents in the cellar. At the top of the Main Tower, on the sixth floor, there is also a room with a single shower and wash basin.



The colours mark the following area's

Yellow: Main Section ("Haupttrakt")
Blue: Main Tower
Orange: Middle Section ("Zwischentrakt")
Red: Front Section ("Vordertrakt') - this is where the krewe rooms are located
Green: Entrances to the showers and washing rooms