Home the Conclave is a private family reunion of the Sabretooth Clan and we want it to feel like a home for the Family.  Sabretooth Clan members may each invite up to two guests and obtain tickets for them but they should be familiarized with our culture.  A good idea would be to suggest reading the Sabretooth Clan Manifesto and getting a pair of fangs.  Everyone is expected to respect the Black Veils and Sabretooth members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.


Designed to encourage creative expression and interaction and will formally start at Conclave 2016.  This is the soul of Conclave!  Attendees can join a Pulse (team) and earn Kema (points) and win a prize at the end of the weekend.  Optionally attendees can charge a reasonable price such as for tattoos or hand crafted artifacts in the Bazaar Bizarre or earn Kema for their team.  All submissions for Nexus should be in at least 30 days before the event to the Nexus coordinator.


Performers such as DJs, dancers, fire shows, etc.

Bazaar Bizarre is inspired by Nexus but is designed for makers to create physical items for the event, crafts, art, photography and trade used cloths and artifacts usingSabretooth symbolism.  Kind of like a flea market for the event.  You are welcome to use the Legacy Ankh and Sabretooth symbolism freely on anything you personal make for the conclave and exchange it for Kema.  This is not a grant for a Phoenix Warrant and all created items must only be sold at the Conclave, not online and hand made. (depends on the item)

Artists such as photographers, painters, etc. may submit their art.

Symposiums on various subjects including workshops, discussion circles and even yoga classes.

Tattoo Artists are welcome in the Bazaar but must be licensed and approved in advance by the Nexus coordinator.


Everyone should make an effort to be in appropriate costume for the weekend according to Endless Night dress code.  Less formal during the day but enforced for the various nighttime activities. What is most important is the dress code is about respect, contribution to the environment, and a mental preparation for the ball to build collective excitement. To arrive outside the parameters of the dress code, without even making an effort, is disrespectful and rude to those who did. We are an inclusive experience, within which everyone should be the star. Endless Night is not a “spectator’s sport”; to enter you must participate, and to participate begins with costumes!


Everyone is an adult that means acting respectfully at all times. Respect the Castle as well as the grounds, help clean and support the staff and krewe by offering to helping set up and break down. As well as the grounds, help clean and support the staff and krewe by offering to helping set up and break down. Above all else, come and enjoy the company of your fellow clan.