Tickets for Endless Night Conclave Festival 2017 are limited to 100 Noble Passes and 50 Rockstar Passes. We wish for quality over quantity, an intimate experience and for the focus of the event not to be so crowded. Please note that this an invite-only event for Sabretooths! If you want to introduce a Black Swan to the event, please check the section at the bottom of this page for guidelines. Please do NOT buy a ticket for them until you have confirmation that there are still places available for Black Swans and you can bring them.

To buy your tickets for Conclave Festival 2017, go to You will be asked for a password - type Conclave2017 to continue. You can also directly use the dashboard below.

After the dahsboard you can find a description of the different tickets that are available, details about room reservations and guidelines for bringing Black Swans.


Room reservations

By purchasing a Noble Pass, you get provided with a bed in one of the dormitories of the Castle. However, it is also possible to reserve a room for you and your partner and/or friends. This way you can arrange with whom you share the room and maybe have some privacy. We will soon add the available rooms, their size and price on this webpage. Until then, if you want more information, please contact us by emailing to and put "Room Reservations" in the subject.

Vampire Noble Pass
This pass allows you attend the whole event. It also includes accommodation in the castle in one of the general rooms, or in a room reserved by you (in which case a certain amount of Noble tickets will be included with the reservation, see below) or your friends if they provide you with one of the remaining beds.
This ticket includes a daily brunch, but does not include any other meals, transportation to the castle, or some special activities that you can join during the event. All these add-ons can be reserved before and purchased during the Conclave Festival.

Vampire Rockstar Pass
This pass allows you to attend the whole event. You need to arrange your own accommodation outside of the castle. There is an option to camp on the field outside of the Castle as described above under the header "Accomodation". This pass does not include any meals, transportation to the castle, or some of the special activities that you can join during the event.

Vampire Ball Pass
With this pass you can visit the Vampire Ball in the Knight's Hall of the Main Tower on Saturday evening. This pass not include admission to the rest of Conclave Festival 2017, nor access to the Castle outside of the times of the Vampire Ball. It also does not include any transportation to or accomodation within the castle.


Black Swans
We have a limited amount of no more than 10 "add-on" passes for Black Swans (non-Sabretooths) who cannot attend on their own and always have to come in the company of a Sabretooth member. These tickets cannot be purchased automatically. Please contact us by emailing to and putting "Black Swan Request" in the Subject. Tell us about the Black Swan you would like to bring, and what you think both they and the Conclave have to gain from their attendance! Do not buy any tickets for them until we have confirmed that they can attend Conclave Festival 2017!
Please note that we will request an additional fee of €50,- on top of any type of pass for Black Swans.

IMPORTANT If you bring a guest, try and have them get fangs in advance at a festival from Father Sebastiaan and have them read the Sabretooth Clan Manifesto so they can get the most out of the event. If they get their fangs before the event, they of course have become a Sabretooth member and do not need to acquire a Black Swan pass.
He prefers not to make fangs at Conclave unless absolutely necessary.